Evertone Vitamin B-12 Patch with Guarana & Garcinia Cambogia (30 Day Supply)

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B vitamins are required for every process in your body. You can get them from a variety of foods, but even a carefully-chosen diet may not provide the amounts of all the B vitamins you need, every single day. Vitamin B12 Plus is a B vitamin that is commonly deficient among people who have had weight loss surgery or other abdominal surgeries. You are at higher risk if you follow a vegan or plant-based diet. Another high-risk group includes people over age 60 who have decreased absorption of vitamin B12 from food or pills.


Instructions: Peel off one (1) new patch each day and apply to a hair free area on the: chest, adbomen, hip, arm or back area. Adhesive side down, press to seal the edges. Remove when desired. Recommended up to 10 hours, per day.

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  • May promote a better mood*
  • May promote a healthy metabolism*
  • May support heart, blood, and brain health*
  • May support healthy hair, nails, and skin*
  • May support breast and colon health*


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