Fat Freezer™

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The Fat Freezer is a home-use device which is not the same as the spa or clinics. The Fat Freezer uses a different cooling system and functions from traditional cool sculpting and other beauty clinics.



  • Save $1,000’s of dollars with Fat Freezer
  • No downtime, no needles, no surgery
  • Help targets problematic areas
  • Similar to Cryolipolysis Technology available at Home
  • Fraction of the cost of expensive treatments

How Fat Freezing Works

The Fat freezing technology or cryolipolysis is designed to make you look your best

Simple, apply the Fat Freezer™ over your problem areas (Stomach, thighs, waist back or bottom) and select a 30 or 60 minute session. The cooling process targets problematic areas in the body. The Fat Freezer™ can be used for both men and women.

Of course you should not expect to see results all at once. Although this is not a weight lost system, we encourage Fat Freezer™ users to eat right and exercise daily.

Be the best you can be with the Fat Freezer System


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