Foot Massage


2 selectable modes (mode 1: 4-35Hz, Mode 2: 4Hz/40-66Hz)
15 intensity levels
25 minute auto run as one session
USB charging
RF remote control with button cell CR2032
Affordable, portable and easy to use
Pad size: L 310mm (12.2 inch) * W 310mm (12.2 inch)
Control unit size: ø4.2cm x H 1.4 cm
Total weight: 149g (exclude remote control)
Note: This massager can only be working when your feet are put on the foot mat(fully contact the grids) together after power is on.


EMS foot massager

Through EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, this foot massager is designed to stimulate your feet, Achilles tendon and calf muscles for contraction and release which primarily boost blood circulation and prevent tendon tear, peritendinitis and Bursitis. It can also help your feet relaxed to reduce swollen feet and ankles.
Soft & comfortable pad embedded with a silver layer
Detachable control unit with rechargeable battery


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