Hygienic Earwax Cleaning Machine: Electronic Cleanser & Wax Remover


  • Gentle and Easy-to-use ear wax removal
  • Safe and effective way to clean ears and remove wax
  • No risk of damage, Cotton swabs usually push the ear wax and debris further into the ear. Moreover there is always the risk of puncturing the eardrums and causing damage to the ear
  • This Product is composed of durable material, built to last for a long duration of time
  • We provide quality service to our customers, Satisfaction Guaranteed. 
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Professional & Easy to use, Hygienic Earwax Cleaner. Stop pushing ear wax further into your ears causing infections. Our Automatic Earwax Vac is a convenient, at home professional vac that keeps your ears clean without poking and damaging your inner ear. Safe & Lightweight, Great for children. 2 AA Batteries Needed.


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